WhatsApp Click to Chat Element

Elegant Elements includes a WhatsApp Click to Chat element that will help you to add a WhatsApp button on your site to allow your users to contact you on your WhatsApp with a pre-defined custom message. You can control everything including the number, message and the styling.

Add WhatsApp Button to Your Site

WhatsApp Click to Chat button will automatically detect the device and redirects the user to either the web version of WhatsApp or the mobile application. If the user is on the desktop, the button will take you to the web.whatsapp.com which is where you can access the WhatsApp.

If you access this page on mobile and click the WhatsApp button below, it will open the application with the pre-defined message for your users.

Customize Everything!

You can easily customize the look and feel of the button to match your site theme styles. You can add custom image avatar, heading the and sub-heading text as well.

Here's the customized version of the button. You can change the background color, text color, and the font size.