Contact Form 7 – Default View

    Contact Form 7 – Elegant Elements

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      Contact Form 7 with more design options

      Design options

      • Form Title
        Add a nice short descriptive form title.Your Content Goes Here

      • Form Caption
        Let your viewers know what the form is all about with caption.

      • Background Color
        Add background color to the form heading section and also to the form area to make it stand out.

      • Background Image
        Attract visitors attention with nice background image to Form Heading, also add different background image to form area to make it look even more beautiful.

      • Typography
        Let the form title and caption stand with custom Google Fonts.

      • Border
        Add a css border around the form. Give it a nice color and apply the styles.

      • Border Radius
        Don’t like the default squared border? You have the option to set the border radius to apply the curve effect.

        And much more….

      Enter your custom title

      Describe the form with short description