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Elegant Elements List

Currently available elements list here

Elegant Cards

Create beautiful cards with image, title, description and a button to link any url. Describe anything you want, showcase your customers, highlight your services and much more.

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Anything Carousel

Perfect element to carousel any content you want. Add only images to show a nice image slider, enter your videos and allow them to slide. More content in a small space.

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Dual Button

Add beauty to your site by adding dual buttons. Allow users to choose their action from either This or That. Display two buttons side by side separated with a text or an icon.

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Empty Space

Stuck with the spacing in between two elements? Here's the solution - Empty Space element to add vertical or horizontal space between them to make them look how you want.

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Fancy Banner

Wanna display nice banners on your site with background image, title, description and a button to link? Use our Fancy Banner element and show your imaginary in a beautiful way.

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Fancy Button

Add buttons with nice hover effects on your site. You can open modal dialogs, custom links, images and videos in lightbox on the button click. Extends the usability of the buttons.

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Modal Dialog

Display your information in modal dialogs in a better way. Add triggers from within the modal element to open modal on a button, custom text, image or even on FontAwesome icon.

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Notification Box

Want to display notice or tip or alert on your site? Do it the better way with beautiful styles. Choose from predefined color schemes or use your own custom colors.

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Partner Logo

Showcase your partners or clients or even your work by displaying their logos in a grid. You can link each logo to the respective url or even display their information within modal popup.

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Promo Box

Promote anything on your site with beautiful promo boxes. Add image, title, description and a button with a link. Make it even more beautiful with background image and color.

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Rotating Text

Display your highlighted words in a paragraph or a line and let them rotate one after another with a nice rotating effect. Beautify them with nice Google Fonts and colors.

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Special Heading

Give your normal section heading or the titles an amazing look and feel they deserve, and make the words speak when you look at them with a Special Heading element.

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Got some testimonials for your product or services? Display them in most unique way around. Add any number of testimonials with their title, sub-title, image and testimony.

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Typewriting Text

Display your highlighted words in a paragraph or a line with a nice typewriting effect. Make it look more beautiful with nice Google Fonts and colors and also the font-size etc.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 element provides options to extend the look and feel of the contact form 7 form on your site. Add form heading and caption with nice background and borders.

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Profile Panel

Showcase your team members, testimonials or business spotlights with a nice and unique way with Profile Panel element. You can control everything with the available options.

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Image Compare

Display before and after images on top of each other with nice drag effect and custom captions in a creative way. You can customize the caption text as well the colors too.

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Gradient Heading

You’ll have the ability to add gradient color to your heading text. Highlight the heading with some awesome gradient color to capture your visitors attention with attractive designs.

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Expanding Sections

The new expanding section element allows you to display your content in toggle like element with nice gradient background colors, which adds the awesome look to your site.

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Image Filters

Display your gallery images or portfolio images or anything that you want to show with sortable filters. You can customize everything to show each image title as unique.

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Material Button Styles

The default Fusion Builder Button comes with some awesome pre-built color styles, but you need more designs? We have added the material color styles to button element.

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