Blob Shape Image for Avada and Fusion Builder

Transform the way you add images to your Avada site. Easily create random, unique, and awesome looking blob shapes. You can style the blob shapes with gradient color overlays, add images, and the content over them to make them look more beautiful!

Features Overview

  • Powerful Blob Shape Generator

  • Freedom to choose the colors – gradient or solid
  • Easily adjust the gradient angle and offset
  • Add image as background to make it more beautiful
  • Add content on top of the blob shape
  • Create unlimited shapes
  • Easily control height, width, and alignment

Here are a few more examples
with custom blob shapes




Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blob Shapes?

Blob is a squishy random shape created with CSS that looks awesome when combined with some additional styling such as gradient backgrounds and the background images etc.

How are these shapes created? Do I need to code them?

We have built an awesome blob shape generator and that is included within this element for Fusion Builder. You just need to hit the button to generate a new shape and you can preview the shape instantly without leaving your browser window or the settings window as well.

So, there’s nothing for you to code, as our aim for this entire add-on is No coding required!

Does it crop the images to these shapes?

Not at all! The images you see in those shapes are the normal images placed behind the blob shape to give a decent look and feel to the image. Combined with the gradient overlays, the images looks awesome!

What customizations are available for the blob shapes?

You can customize everything including the blob shape, gradient colors, width, height and the alignment as well. With the ability to adjust the gradient angle and the offsets, you can create unlimited variations of a single blob shape.