Document Viewer Element

Elegant Elements includes a Document Viewer element that will allow you to add your documents to your website and let your users view them without leaving the site. You can add PDF, Microsoft Word document with DOC and DOCX extensions, PowerPoint Presentation files, and excel spreadsheets with either XLS or XLSX extensions.

Please Note:

We use the Google Docs viewer API that loads the document to view on your site. There might be some delay in loading the document depend on the file size.

PDF document example

You can now display PDF documents on your website instead of just linking to the PDF and redirect users to visit the PDF URL in their browsers or let them download the PDF to view. This will help you to keep your visitors on your website for a longer time.

PPT document example

You can now display your PowerPoint slides as a document using the document viewer and let your visitors read the content before they take any action. Document viewer keeps your visitors engaged while you focus on other things!