FAQ Rich Snippets Element – Boxed Layout

Now boost your search engine visibility by displaying the FAQ rich snippets in your website’s search results. This element will help you add FAQs to your website and generates the required schema markup using JSON format that Google will use to display in search results for the page you’ve added this element. The element comes with two layouts – descriptive ( boxed ) and the accordion ( toggle ). Let’s see how the descriptive or boxed layout looks –

Search Results Preview

Here’s the search engine result preview of one of our elements using the FAQ rich snippets element. You can control the questions and answers being displayed. By default, Google will pick all the questions and answers added using the element.

Here’s the element preview in boxed layout –

To see the preview of Accordion layout with FAQs, visit any of the elements demo page, eg. Elegant Fancy Buttons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FAQ Schema?

Content that represents a question and its answer, you can mark it up using the FAQPage schema.

Schema.org has more info on FAQ structured data and at a Google Dance event in Singapore in July 2018 Google announced they will start using this in search. You can find Google’s documentation here.

What is FAQ Rich Snippets element?

FAQ Rich Snippets is a Fusion Builder element that comes with Elegant Elements for Fusion Builder and helps you to define the questions and answers section on your webpage and generates the required schema markup using JSON format to make your webapage eligible for showing faqs in search results.

Do my website needs to be older to be eligible for displaying FAQs Rich Snippets?

Not at all. You just need to make sure your page appears on Google’s first page for a certain keyword. It doesn’t matter if your website is older or a new one.

Can I hide this FAQ from my visitors?

No. Google only display FAQs that are currently part of your webpage and has a valid markup generated. If you hide the FAQs from your visitors, they won’t appear in search results either.

How much time does it take to display FAQs in search results?

Usually, Google takes less than 30 minutes if your website is already ranking on first page for a certain keyword and has a good page speed scores. You can try searching any of our elements ( eg. Elegant Fancy Button ) in Google and you can see the live preview.